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D.A.G Auto Digital Inflator/Deflator

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R 3,999.00
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D.A.G Auto Digital Inflator/Deflator

  1. Inflation:

    • Convenience: The  D.A.G Automatic Digital Inflator/Deflator automate the process of inflating objects such as tyres, air mattresses, inflatable boats, etc., saving time and effort compared to manual inflation.
    • Consistency: The  D.A.G Automatic Digital Inflator/Deflator ensure consistent inflation levels, which is important for maintaining proper tire pressure for safety and fuel efficiency.
    • Accuracy: The  D.A.G Automatic Digital Inflator/Deflator come with a pressure gauge and sensor to accurately inflate objects to the desired pressure, preventing over-inflation or under-inflation.
  2. Deflation:

    • Quick Deflation: The  D.A.G Automatic Digital Inflator/Deflator expedite the deflation process, making it faster and more efficient than manual deflation methods.
    • Controlled Deflation: The  D.A.G Automatic Digital Inflator/Deflator allow for controlled deflation, which is useful in applications where precise pressure control is necessary, such as adjusting tyre pressure for on and  off-road driving.

LCD Display

Lithium Polymer Battery -3.7V 2000Ah

Inflate Pressure Range : 0.01 - 15.9 bar

USB Charge

Warranty: 1 Year